What is Biogas and what can it be used for?

Biogas refers to a gas which stems from anaerobic digestion of agricultural and animal waste. Anaerobic micro-organisms break down organic matter and gas is released in a natural process called biodegradation. This gas, a mixture of methane and CO2, then can be used or to power combustion engines for electricity and heat generation.

Biogas Digesters

With biogas technology, waste (or slurry) is stored in specially constructed containers while being digested.

Who benefits from Biogas?

Biogas technology is particularly valuable in agricultural or municipal waste treatment or animal processing units where there is excess manure (e.g. pig, cattle, chicken, human) or farm waste. Biogas, as an all rounder, provides opportunities for farming, industry and municipalities - whether the demand is for gas, electricity or heat.

Biogas as a financial model?

Biogas technology not only has a positive effect on our environment through lower carbon footprint and less emissions. Another aspect is the opportunity to invest into a future-proof business with attractive returns. Several thousand biogas plants in Europe alone demonstrate the viability of this industry.


Animation of Biogas Plant
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