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The target of our consultation process is to generate an optimized and viable proposal for a waste to energy biogas plant with:

  • Evaluation of quality and volume of feedstock available
  • Realistic thermal energy target output
  • Realistic electrical target output
  • Logistic situation and requirements
  • Waste water treatment situation and requirements
  • Correct water/dry matter separation parameters
  • Practicality check of land space available
  • Accessibility of designated land for the intended purpose
  • Assessment of storage space
  • General data mining on project relevant issues

Which leads to a

  • ISO certified technology supply
  • Projected price break down and capital outlay
  • Overview of general setup costs
  • Calculated ROI
  • Cash-flow analysis over the first initial ten years
  • Preliminary design and footprint of the plant
  • Projection of
    - electrical output
    - thermal energy output
    - maintenance costs
    - operational costs
  • Suggestions for:
    - post-digestion waste-water-treatment
    - implementation of additional modules (e.g. pasteurization or maceration units)
  • In short:
    - All necessary informations and aspects for you to make an informed decision on a future-proof investment;
    - a turnkey and state-of-the art biogas plant tailored to your very own needs and given parameters.

After the acceptance of our offer we move into the planning phase.

This is where the EIA, CDM, Waste Handling license  etc. applications  must be completed, submitted and approved by the necessary departments. Complete construction schedules and preparations for shipping and receiving are made with the necessary shipping companies. All these functions are part of our  Project Management Service – if so requested by our clients

Biogas Africa offers various financing options through our financial partners - locally and internationally.

Depending on pre-feasibility and our project evaluation we may also introduce equity partners for joint ventures.

Biogas Africa offers a complete solution. Therefore  we can assist to obtain all necessary permits required for the construction of a biogas plant.

Our co-operation with construction companies, who are approved by the technology provider, enables us further to fulfill all building and site requirements you may have.

With every plant designed and commissioned, we offer a comprehensive 10 - 14 weeks training and skills transfer on the day to day operations of the plant. Trouble shooting and problem solving techniques are just some of the basics covered in the training.

We not only offer a complete turn-key solution for a biogas operation – the emphasis is on after sales service and maintenance!

For the operational staff we offer intensive five day seminars. Those take place in Germany and cover the building blocks: Biology, Control Technology, Digester Technology, Biogas Plant Practice, Daily Optimization Process,  Occupational Safety and Operation Management. Just to name a few.

In tandem and locally, we offer supervised on-site training from the start of building to final commissioning of the plant.

The success and impressive track record of over three hundred fully operational plants across the globe is no secret; it lies within a compulsory service and maintenance plan accompanying each biogas plant built and commissioned.

Biogas Africa, together with our partners,  provides a comprehensive "peace of mind" service and maintenance package, customized for each plant we build in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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