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The Industry is one of the largest contributors to global warming. For the industry to achieve a negative, or at least smaller, carbon footprint, CO2 emissions must be monitored and reduced. A biogas plant will help to reduce industries reliance on fossil fuels like electricity, generated from the burning of coal, including transport and disposal cost.

Unprocessed animal manure allows for harmful greenhouse gases, such as CO2 and CH4, to escape into the atmosphere. As we know methane is 21 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

A biogas plant prevents these harmful gases from escaping into the atmosphere - generating electricity, heat and natural bio-fertilizer.

Municipalities constantly have to upgrade their Waste Water Treatment Plants to  accommodate new developments and constant growth within the communities. Developments for a municipality mean additional income in the form of rates and taxes.

A biogas plant will help to alleviate stress at the WWTP by processing all the primary and secondary sludge. This allowing municipalities to divert funds, originally allocated for WWTP upgrades, handling and treatment to other important sectors like housing, roads and schools.

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